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Danyang Simai Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Yirui Technology Development Co., Ltd.)is located in the well-known hometown of automotive parts nationwide, Changchun Small and Medium sized Enterprise Entrepreneurship Park in Xinqiao Town, Danyang, Jiangsu. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of German, American, and Japanese automotive parts, original factory upgrades, modified exhaust, and modified tailpipes.

We have an independent production factory, research and development, design team, and sales team of over 60 people. And there are multiple advanced and intelligent production lines: mold CNC machining center, stamping workshop, injection molding workshop, 3D laser cutting workshop, welding assembly workshop, dust-free spray painting workshop, PVD magnetron sputtering vacuum coating workshop, robot six axis surface polishing treatment workshop, and other diversified production workshops. Centered around meeting high quality, efficiency, and requirements.

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Project Case

For Benz

We have a full range of Mercedes-Benz models and can customize special products

For Porsche

Porsche models are our main products, to provide you with the most satisfactory products.


We provide OEM&ODM services according to the different needs of customers

Other Models

Can provide a variety of exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe, exterior trim, exterior trim and other special customized services.

Elite Teams


8 years of foreign trade experience, proficient in foreign trade process


Mainly responsible for overseas markets, with about 7 years of foreign trade experience


Proficient in English, French and other languages, to provide you with professional services


Focus on foreign trade for 5 years, proficient in various foreign trade terms.


Our products sell well both domestically and internationally, and we provide special customized services such as various tailpipes, exhaust pipes, exterior sheet metal parts, and exterior plastic parts. We conduct research and development, design, production, and manufacturing according to customers' different needs, and ultimately deliver satisfactory answers to customers.

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