Do all C63 come with performance exhaust?

Do all C63 come with performance exhaust?

Mercedes-AMG C63, a marque renowned for blending luxury with raw power, has always been a beacon of performance engineering. As we explore the intricate details of this iconic series, a question often arises: do all C63 models come with a performance exhaust system straight from the factory?

Original Equipment Exhaust Systems in the Mercedes-AMG C63

Upon purchase, Mercedes-AMG C63 models are indeed equipped with exhaust systems that reflect the vehicle’s high-performance nature. These factory-fitted exhausts are designed to manage the car’s exhaust gases effectively, enhancing performance characteristics while adhering to stringent emission standards. AMG-tuned engines are inherently capable of producing a sonorous soundtrack that resonates with the thrill-seekers among us; however, the stock exhaust systems are calibrated to balance this sporty sound with the everyday usability and comfort expected from a Mercedes-Benz.

Performance Exhaust Options for the Mercedes-AMG C63

While the base C63 models come with a high-quality exhaust system that reflects AMG’s commitment to performance, there are various performance exhaust options available for those seeking an even more engaging driving experience or a more distinctive auditory presence. These include:

1. AMG Performance Exhaust: Mercedes-AMG offers an optional, more aggressively tuned exhaust system directly from the factory. This upgrade often features electronically controlled valves that allow drivers to switch between a more subdued “Comfort” mode and a racier “Sport” or “Race” mode, thereby adjusting the volume and intensity of the exhaust note.

2. Aftermarket Performance Exhausts: Numerous reputable aftermarket manufacturers design exhaust systems tailored specifically for the Mercedes-AMG C63. These systems can be crafted from lightweight materials like titanium or high-grade stainless steel, promising reduced weight, increased horsepower and torque, and an amplified exhaust note. Brands like Akrapovič, Remus, and Eisenmann, among others, are popular choices for those looking to customize their C63’s exhaust.

Considerations When Upgrading the Exhaust

Sound Profile: An upgraded performance exhaust can provide a deeper, more aggressive tone that complements the car’s potent V8 engine. However, it’s essential to consider local noise ordinances and personal preference when deciding on the ideal exhaust note.

Power Gains: While performance exhaust systems can lead to minor gains in horsepower and torque, they are primarily designed to optimize airflow and enhance the driving experience rather than deliver dramatic increases in power output.

Warranty and Regulations: Before installing an aftermarket exhaust, check whether it impacts your car’s warranty and ensure it complies with your region’s emission standards and noise restrictions.

Fit and Finish: Premium aftermarket exhausts are typically designed to fit seamlessly with the C63’s bodywork and offer a refined, polished appearance. They should also be inspected regularly to maintain their functionality and appearance.


Not all Mercedes-AMG C63 models come standard with a performance exhaust that amplifies the car’s aural drama to its maximum potential. However, the base models still carry an exhaust system that caters to the car’s performance ethos. For enthusiasts who desire a more assertive sound and potentially a marginal increase in performance, either the factory-supplied AMG Performance Exhaust or a host of aftermarket options await. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade lies in the hands of the driver, weighing the benefits of customization against the car’s original character and intended use.

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