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Mercedes-Benz E CLASS Diffuser Exhaust Outlet W213 2017+

Purpose: for retrofit/upgrade
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Size: 151*23*47
Position: Rear Bumper
Material: Plastic
Brand Name: YIRUI
Model Number: SM-028
Car Make: For Benz E CLASS W213 2017+ Upgrading E53
Material: Stainless Steel+Plastic
Fit to car: For Benz E CLASS W213 2017+ Upgrading E53
Application: Automotive Exhaust System
OEM: OEM Services Provided

Product Name
Rear Surrounding Tail Lip And Muffler Tail Pipe
Stainless Steel+Plastic
Rear Bumper
Black Silver
Fit to car
For Benz E CLASS W213 2017+ Upgrading E53
Accept OEM ODM
Professional Service
Auto Body Systems
Provide samples


We have crafted for you an upgraded diffuser exhaust port kit designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz E CLASS W213 series E53 models produced after 2017. This product precisely matches the original design and is designed to further enhance the overall sportiness and sound performance of your vehicle, giving your luxury ride a new lease of life.

Product Features:

Exclusive adaptability: This diffuser exhaust outlet is customized for the Mercedes-Benz E53 (W213) model, ensuring a seamless installation without the need for substantial changes to the original vehicle structure, plug-and-play, and a perfect fit to the body lines.

Performance Optimization: Made of high-quality materials, it optimizes the back pressure of the exhaust system, thus enhancing the engine’s power output response, improving fuel economy and bringing a more powerful driving experience.

Aerodynamic design: Through scientific diffuser angle and opening design, it improves underbody airflow, reduces air resistance, improves high-speed driving stability, and also strengthens the visual dynamic effect.

Sound Enhancement: The exhaust caliber and pipe diameter design, which is precisely calculated and debugged, not only helps to enhance the exhaust efficiency, but also produces a more mellow and pleasant exhaust sound to satisfy the owner’s demand for sports passion.

Craftsmanship quality: The entire system is made of high-temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-quality stainless steel, with a finely polished surface, which demonstrates the level of durability and appearance that a top luxury car should have.

Application Scenario and Advantages:

Suitable for Mercedes-Benz E53 owners in pursuit of personalization and high performance, whether in the city shuttle or long-distance travel, or track racing, this upgraded version of the diffuser exhaust will inject more sports genes into your car, highlighting the unique identity symbol.

All in all, this Mercedes-Benz E CLASS W213 2017+ E53 Upgraded Diffuser Exhaust Outlet Kit is a perfect choice for you to enhance the performance of your vehicle and personalize it, helping your Mercedes-Benz E53 stand out from the crowd and show the king’s style. Hurry up to inject surging power into your E53 and enjoy more extreme driving pleasure!

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