What is the use of modified exhaust tailpipes for cars?

What is the use of modified exhaust tailpipes for cars?

Friends who are familiar with car modification know more or less about the knowledge of exhaust tail pipes. Although the exhaust pipe at the rear of the car looks like a small part, its image will affect the appearance of the entire car.

Imagine if a car glowing in the sun, with dark tires and shiny wheels, but looking back at the tail, there is an iron exhaust pipe smeared and dirty by exhaust gas. Wouldn’t it be spectacular? However, the exhaust tail pipes of many cars are the most common iron products, and they are prone to rust after being exposed to the outside for a long time.

In fact, there is another thing that can play a protective role, that is, the car muffler exhaust tail throat. In addition to protecting the tail pipe from deformation, it also plays the role of supercharging and turbulence. It can also reduce the noise emitted by the tail pipe to a certain extent and make the sound soft and pleasant. However, it is said that many car owners buy it because of its decorative effect.

The muffler exhaust tail throat is divided into different materials such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber and stainless steel. The stainless steel material is well-made and has a sense of weight. In addition, it is not easy to deform, not easy to leave fingerprints, and is super corrosion-resistant. The titanium alloy tail pipe is light in weight, low in density, high in strength and good in corrosion resistance. There is another material on the market that is galvanized. The tail throat of galvanized material is coated with a zinc film on the outside, but the zinc film will fall off over time and will still be corroded. The specifications are manufactured in accordance with the size standards of the exhaust pipes of various cars. The shapes have round mouths, square mouths, etc., so there are many specifications for owners of different cars to choose.

The shape and design of each stainless steel tail throat are quite different. Some products are just a simple exhaust pipe with a thorough internal connection and no complicated patterns and designs. This is cheaper; some products have extremely complicated internal structures, with various patterns and shapes from the back. It’s more expensive.

It is actually very convenient to install the silencer exhaust throat on the exhaust tail pipe, without changing any parts of the tail. Just choose the tail throat suitable for your car model, then use a wrench to loosen the screw on the car tail cover, and finally put the tail throat in the appropriate position of the car exhaust pipe, and then tighten the screws. The process takes less than 5 minutes.

Carbon fiber tailpipe, 3K twill, clear lines and more beautiful surface. 100% carbon content, 2.7 mm thick, the carbon fiber shell has high hardness and high temperature resistance. The density of the tail pipe made of titanium alloy is 60% of that of steel, and the weight is light, which greatly improves the performance of the exhaust system. The wall is thin, the thickness is 1.1mm, and the exhaust sound is crisp and clear. Aluminum welding rod, welded three times, is more firm and does not rust. Vacuum ion plating process (titanium plating), the surface does not fade and the color is brighter.

After installing the exquisite and beautiful silencer exhaust throat, the whole car looks neat and handsome from the rear. The shortcomings have also been made up, and such a car will not be overwhelmed by the flow of traffic on the road.

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